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Welcome to "From Prof Al's Pen" site. I have begun the update of this site in July 2016, (it hasn't been touched in a few years after retiring from my Sierra College classes in 2012). The information available here, from both the and will still work for you. Since retirement, I will not update any of my many videos any longer. My exercises will work in Adobe's current software versions. Also, check out some of my early HTML 5 ideas with this link.

When I created this site, all the pages were created with Pure CSS DIV layouts, no tables and I created a DIV to hold the contact information which is usually held in a table format. All pages had passed validation for not only CSS, but HTML and Accessibility so everyone will have equal access to all of the files I've made available.

The site graphics used are all from my photographs taken in Old Town Sacramento Docks. All the images were handled with Fireworks CS3, CS4. Fireworks is powerful enough and easy to learn for most graphic needs for a Web page. See the link labeled "FW."

This site over the years, was built with Dreamweaver CS3, CS4 and CS5.5 which also has a page devoted to it with the link labeled "DW." Find more about Flash CS3 Pro with the link labeled "FLA."

The old Sandbox link below holds many HTML, DHTML, Javascripts, and Form Elements. And, the Profal Main site was built in Flash Pro. I will not update these files any longer, however, they have been working fine, the last time I checked them.

The image group below is a link to my iPad paintings I've made since January 2016. Click on any Thumbnail image to see the image in its own page. Find my new attempts at Digital Figurative Art here.

Prof Al's Old Flash Home Page
The Sandbox Resources

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