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M iscellaneous Potpourri a mishmash of stuff that didn't have a home somewhere else. These are the things a pack-rat such as myself would have a hard time tossing out. "Ya never know when you're gonna need it!" To quote my father. And, you'd be surprised at how many times something I did years ago came in handy, way to go Dad!

A long time ago, sometimes it seems like forever ago, I taught MS Office Apps, such as MS Word, Excel, and Access. I thoughtfully made a few pages on some of the more interesting elements of MS Word and published them to the Web. Many schools and colleges linked to the MS Word page because they said I made it easy for students to understand these concepts. I just found them intriguing and wanted to share my findings with my students when they were not in the classroom. I couldn't be happier that others found them cool too! I have not updated any of these concepts to current software and only leave them up on the Web because they still work for a lot of people. That link is labeled "MS OFFICE WORD TIPS (old)."

Back on the page for XHTML, I mentioned that I taught one of the first classes on using the Internet. I created some pages dealing with that subject after I learned how to build pages with basic HTML. Again, as I have stated, these pages are not updated and some links might be gone or no longer necessary such as "Gopher and Telnet, or MUDS MOOS and MUSH." So if you want to know what those terms mean, you should check the link that goes to "Learn the Internet (old)." I was so proud of that little Web site, it had all these little HTML tricks and goodies that I had learned around the same time. It was too cool for its shoes! OK, so that was a long time ago, I said that.

There's another old page that developed around the same time, it was my special links to "Web Page Design (old)" as I knew it at the time. Yes, of course I added a few HTML tricks with the code and had nothing but fun learning and doing this stuff. I tried my best to pass on my enthusiasm to my students and I rarely failed. If I did, it was because I reached someone who didn't care, wasn't interested enough to join in on the fun. Their loss, not mine. Most of my students went on to create pages on their own, some became very successful, such as my former student and very good friend Ron Pumphrey. He is now the owner of a wonderful Web Host and Web Designer too. hosts all of my pages except for those at the college server and my first site at

Much later on, after I learned how to use Macromedia Flash, I converted some HTML pages into a Flash Web Site, which is still live on the main site. In this Flash presentation labeled "Creating Web Pages (Flash),"  you will find thirteen exercises on HTML and eight Flash converted PowerPoint Lectures on HTML. All of which will work in this one Flash page. Since I moved this Flash site several times, the links to the needed graphic files will not work. However, for those really interested in finding them, you can surf over to my sitemap on the site and find them there. Actually, most any image would do for these exercises. One day when I have absolutely nothing else to do, not even take a nap, I'll try to relocate those files so that all of the links to image files will work again. This might be more work than I want to take on though!

The link to the "Lecture Series (PPT - SWF)," is again a Flash Web site so it all happens in one place with streaming downloads. All of my old lectures were converted from PowerPoint to Flash SWF files and assembled into one Flash Web site. I have in most cases updated these lectures over the years to match any changes made to HTML and XHTML. These lectures have been recorded into Video files which are available on this site as well. Certain video lectures are interwoven into the different pages on the site, however, on my class site for CIS127, you can find two single pages with all of the links in one place. These lectures are mainly on using Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash. There are some videos that deal with Web Page design elements that correspond to individual software programs in the Adobe Suite.

Oh yeah, the link labeled "About Me (old)," not highly recommended reading, full of personal stuff, family and whatever came to mind when I wrote it. I figure one day when I lose my mind or memory, it would be nice to remind me about myself. I call it future planning!


A rchive of new old relics. The pages linked here represent over a dozen years of work, call it a labor of love.

Don't expect to see brand spanking new glitterati from the Web here, no, this stuff reeks of mothballs and might have a few dust bunnies hanging out too.

Like I stated on the left, how can I toss these out? It was the best I could do at the time, and it may not stack up to what I can do now, but it was a hundred and ten percent effort on my part at the time. Yes, I know maybe they're ready for the time capsule, to be dug up in a hundred years. But I won't be around to hear them all laugh though, I'd rather hear the laughter now.

You are welcome to take anything you see on this site, if you need to see how it was constructed, view the source code. No secrets here.

Until I update these pages and move them to this server, please use the Back Button on the Browser to return or close the Window. Thanks.

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ABOUT ME (old)


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