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T here's always a section of a Web site that acts like either the garage or some old closet in the back bedroom of the house. This is the stuff left-over from yard sales, Goodwill and Salvation Army donations. Not really deductable from your taxes, but too dear to really toss out, do you know what I mean? People like me collect and save old HTML pages like some people collect and save antiques.

So, there's got to be someplace in the site that allows for this stuff. And this is it! My other stuff pages. After building the first really long page, I realized that some of this stuff needed a page all unto itself. Surprisingly enough, I had enough other stuff to build another whole page! And then, another, and another, and before you knew it, I had five pages. I had to put a stop to it though, it was getting out of control! Good grief, this is supposed to be the left-over's, not the main course!

Toss these pages out, OMG, are you kidding?! Some of these pages took years off of my life! The pouring of sweat trying to figure out why the damn thing didn't work the first time, or the second. Sometimes by the next day after a good night's rest, the answer would seem to just drift down onto the keyboard all by itself! So is that the answer when things go wrong? Take a nap? You betcha! You can stare at a mistake, right there in its face, and never see the problem. Sometimes it like, "you can't see the forest because there are too many damn trees in the way!" Take a nap, bingo the lumberjacks paved the way to the mistake, now you can see the forest.

So here lies the stuff, well most of it, some is still hiding in ZIP drives that don't work anymore, 3.5 inch floppies that have no slots anymore, and some USB Flash drives located someplace in the office; I'll find them one day and then more miscellaneous to add to the stuff pages. Oh goodie!


O ver all the years, there are countless pages devoted to constructing HTML, CSS, DHTML pages for the Web. I came across some lately that I haven't used in years. Again, mostly because my focus has been on the Industry Standard Dreamweaver for the past few years. So without further ado, the links that follow might be of interest to some. One day there will be a back link on all of the pages to this page. Just don't trust that yet. You might go to a page you didn't expect. Stay tuned for updates on this.

The following links are to pages within this Miscellaneous section and are provided only for future quick returns. Click the Misc button at the top of the page to return to the main navigation.

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