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Getting Started with Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is Web design software that lets you create dynamic, interactive Web pages containing text, images, hyperlinks, animation, sounds, video, and other elements. And, is the industry standard for Web site development.

Dreamweaver has an impressive array of tools that can help you design any of the above listed styles of Web pages. However, if you like to write code instead of using the WYSISYG Design View style of creating pages, Dreamweaver will let you create code with as much help as you might need.

Dreamweaver also has organizational tools that help you work with a team of people to create a Web site, and, all the tools needed to manage and upload the files to a server. You should be aware that all file activity that you did in ‘Windows Explorer’ or ‘My Computer’ should be done within the Dreamweaver environment. Change a file name, or move a file or folder and Dreamweaver will automatically update all the pages that are connected to that file or folder. No more broken links or missing images, not when you let Dreamweaver handle the task.

Dreamweaver has a great navigational structure that is easy to use and follow, it can also create a Site Map for you which is a graphical representation of how the pages within a Web site relate to each other. The navigation structure is the way viewers navigate from page to page in your Web site.

The tools you will use most frequently are the Files and Assets panel, the Property panel, the Document toolbar, and the Insert Menu bar. There are many more tools, but these will get you started off very well. The image below is a view of the starting Properties panel. Since this tool is context sensitive, expect to see many different layout versions before the end of the course.


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