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This page will grow over time with links to some of the coolest sites on the Web. The sites organized on this page are all done with Macromedia Flash. If you find additional sites worth viewing, please send their URLs to me so that I may add them to this list. (Guess what I want to be good at next?)

No Words are needed here, sometimes all you ever need is a little Bubblewrap.

This site is terrific and the Flash movie lasts for quite a spell... sit down, hold-on and enjoy the ride! However, the preloader movie does take up a lot of your time waiting.

A nice use of sight and sound from this design studio, be sure to check out their online showroom of sites created by them.

*****This is the Netcom Group from New Orleans, a nice use of the media.

This site was nominated for a 2000 Sacramento Dottie Award. Check and see why.

Just remember this name, Magnus Karlsson but first check some of his Intro pieces, I think you'll like what you see. Start with this link, then check the others too.

Then just for the joy of “Mind-Numbing Art Forms”, check the intensely popular Snarg site. Words defy this Flash site, you can spend hours here and still not see it all. Created by a dozen artists it's a must for your Favorites or Bookmarks.

2Advance Design Studios offers an extremely "high-tech" look and feel in their Flash site. Worth a peek at least.

Check to see what they can do with both sight and sound.

Never has viewing a page of products to be purchased been this much "Art" or "Fun". This is worth your time. ****

This Flash site uses great navigational ideas. Please look at some of their sample work.

An exceptional use of Flash that generates user interactivity immediately for young or old alike.
*****Davis, CA Fire Dept.

A consistent winner each year for excellence in Web design. Their use of Flash is perfect for the subject of the site.
The Crest Theater

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